• Update your Contact Information for Emergency Notifications

Make certain your contact information is correct in the Staff/Faculty Portal so you are notified if the campus issues a delayed start, early release, closing, snow removal, and/or other important notifications. Saint Mary’s sends an email and text alert to the contact information listed. Text messages will not be sent to a landline phone number. To view or update your information, log in to the Faculty/Staff portal, HR Profile (on the upper orange ribbon), Address (left hand side), and view the contact information listed under Additional Information.

  • Zoom directions

Go to Zoom.us and click on the resources tab in the upper right corner for instructions and tutorials.  If you have a basic account and you need a Pro account, complete the Zoom Account Upgrade Request FormHIPAA compliant accounts can also be created. Reach out to the HelpDesk at 507-457-7800 for a HIPAA account or any questions.

  • VPN policy link 

Directions to setup the VPN are available by clicking on the appropriate link here.  (Windows 10 VPN)(Mac)   

  1. Employees who require access to core systems via VPN (Virtual Private Network) must have a university-approved device to ensure the security of the university’s network.
    1. Employees needing VPN access should take home their computers. Network cables are available at the IT Helpdesk.
    2. Employees should visit the IT Helpdesk to ensure the VPN software and the phone software are operational and to request needed training.
  2. Employees who only use Google applications, Zoom, Faculty/Staff Portals, and Blackboard do NOT need VPN access and can choose to use a personal device or take their work computer with them.
  • Microsoft tools–downloads for students and staff

Office.com – sign in with your Saint Mary’s credentials

  • How to get to email from home

Go to gmail.com, sign in with Saint Mary’s email and password (same as your faculty portal).

  • What resources are available without a VPN

    • Blackboard
    • Engage
    • Faculty Portal
    • Google Email
    • Google Drive Files, Folders, and calendars
    • Google Hangout
    • Zoom Meetings
    • Skype
  • How to get voicemail messages from home

Call your work phone number, wait for the voice message to pick up and press *. Enter your 4 digit extension followed by #, enter your security pin followed by #.

To change forwarding options or other phone features via the web browser (Chrome recommended) please follow the steps located on the TechFAQ page Phones.  The webpage itself is found at phones.smumn.edu.

  • What to do if you need a device? 

Contact the IT HelpDesk. Devices will be given out based on priority and device availability.  If you are moving to a work from home situation, please first talk with your supervisor, then complete this form to get approval.

  • Connectivity options for students who don’t have it

    • FCC agreement stating that providers will waive late fees, not cutoff service for lack of payment, and open hot-spots.
    • Comcast COVID-19 response: offers free WiFi for 2 months to low income families plus all Xfinity hot-spots are free to the public during this time
    • Charter Free Internet offer for 2 months
    • AT&T COVID-19 response: offers open hot-spots, unlimited data to existing customers, and $10/month plans to low income families
    • Verizon COVID-19 response: no special offers, but following the FCC agreement.
    • Sprint COVID-19 response: follows FCC agreement, provides unlimited data to existing customers, and, starting Tuesday, 3/17/2020, will allow all handsets to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge (I expect others will follow).
    • T-Mobile COVID-19 response: follows FCC agreement, plus unlimited data to existing customers, and, coming soon, will allow all handsets to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge (I expect others will follow).
  • For general questions, please refer to the SMU TechFaq or contact the HelpDesk at 507-457-7800.



Online Graduate Programs – Call: 877-308-9954 

Email: SaintMarysMN@personalsupportcenter.com

Twin Cities Campus:  Call: 612-728-5100; Ext. 7800 or 1-866-437-2788

Email: tchelpdesk@smumn.edu

Winona Campus:Call: 507-457-7800 or 1-800-635-5987

Email: helpdesk@smumn.edu